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Community Action on Homelessness

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Community Action on Homelessness (CAH) is an initiative to prevent and reduce homelessness and risk of homelessness in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

As an inclusive organization, CAH encourages participation from a broad range of stakeholders and works in partnership with community to advance solutions that address all aspects of homelessness in CBRM.

The Community Action on Homelessness develops in consultation with the broader community, the CBRM Community Plan. This plan sets the strategic direction for each funding period and defines the Call for Proposals.

The CAH is made up of a diverse group of service providers, Government representatives and people with first-hand experience of homelessness.

What we do:

Our main responsibility is to work with community agencies to advance projects for funding through Service Canada. CAH issues a call for proposals and then evaluates each proposal according to the terms of the Community Plan. The CAH makes recommendation to HRDSC.

For more information on the CBRM Community Plan or Calls for Proposals please contact 902-567-2697.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Our Mission

“Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for Everyone in our community as homelessness and risk of homelessness is prevented and reduced.”

Funded by Homelessness Partnering Initiative Service Canada www.hrsdc.gc.ca

See the pdfHomelessness Partnering Strategy Community Plan 2014–2019.pdf

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